Operating Treand for Excel


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• Once your software is installed, turn to the “Quick Tour” chapter to learn more about your brand-new software.

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Microsoft Excel Version

The Operational Trend for Excel™ version 100a is developed for Microsoft Excel 2016 or newer versions only for Windows.

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The Operational Trend for Excel™ (OT) has been designed to enable the implementation of State-Based Control (SBC) as part of the process automation project.


The purpose of this document is to provide the user with

  • Step by step instructions to implement the Operational Trend for Excel

  • Demonstrate the work process with four examples

  • Provide a guideline to convert Operational Trend for Excel™ to State-Based Control

The tool can be used to

  • Define Unit Modules UM interaction in a Plant Module PM

  • Define Equipment Module EM and Control Modules CM interaction in a Unit Module UM

In this Document

The following chapters and appendices are provided in this document

  • Installation Procedure

  • Plant Module with Tank, Reactor, and Distillation

  • Unit Module Tank Review

  • Step by Step to utilize OT

  • Advanced Operational Trend for Excel

  • Convert OT to SBC

  • Appendix

    • UmV340

    • UmR350

    • UmT360

    • PmVRT

    • Pm3RX3DIST

Version Control

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1-   Save the file with the new date YYYY-MM-DD

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N File Who Date
1 Operational-Trend-step-by-step-v01a YN 11/21/2023

Installation Procedure

Thank you for purchasing CDL for the Excel package from CDL. You have downloaded the CDL-Tool-for-Excel zip file. Please do the following:

  1. Decide on the location where you would like to install the CDL-Tool-for-Excel

    • Please select a short path like the document folder

    • Copy the ZIP file there

    • Unzip it

  2. The following folders are extracted

    • Project: Contain the project folders (a sample project and a project folder template)

      • Note: You can have multiple projects in this folder
    • Tools: Contains all documentation and tools

Project Folder Content

The Project folder contains the following:

  • CDL-SmName-Project-YYYY: Project Template folder

    • CDL == Project 3 letter acronym

    • SmName: Site Acronym name like VRT

    • Project: Additional information if needed

    • YYYY: The Year of Project started

  • CDL-VRT-2023: Example of how to use the tools

The CDL-VRT-2023 project contains the following folders:

  • P1-IPA-Industrial-Plant-Assessment

  • P2-LofA-Level-Of-Automation

  • P3-OT-Operational-Trends

  • P4-SOP-Standard-Operating-Procedure

  • P5-URS-User-Requirement-Specification

  • P6-FRS-Functional-Requirement-Specification

  • P7-ACM-Automatic-Code-Maker

Tools Folder Content

The Tools folder contains the following:

  • A-Documentation

  • B-Templates

  • C-CM-CCM-Libraries

  • D-Engines

  • E-Issues

Register the Program

The program is installed as a valid product for 45 days. To extend its registration beyond 45 days please do the following:

Option 1: Received the registration files in email.

Please do the following steps:

  1. Select Tools\D-Engines\Registration folder

  2. Save the Registration file in the email to this folder

  3. Open the Tools\D-Engines folder

  4. Run CDL-P0-Check-Excel.xlsm file

  5. Select {ToDo} sheet

  6. Click the [1] Check Macro button

If you get an error from Excel, please read the instructions provided in the ReadMe worksheet.

Repeat steps 5 and 6.

Option 2: Request registration files by email

Please do the following steps:

  1. Select {ToDo} sheet

  2. Click the [1] Check Macro button

If you get an error from Excel, please read the instructions provided in the ReadMe worksheet.

Repeat steps 5 and 6.

  1. Click OK
  2. Follow the instructions and send an email to CTRL Designer LLC (Sales@CtrlDesigner.com)
  3. Receive the license file
  4. Save the new License file in your email to the Tools\D-Engine\Registration folder
  5. make sure you remove the demo registration file.

Register the Product with the Registration File

Please do the following steps:

  1. Select the {Register} Sheet

  2. Click the [3] Read License File button

  3. Review the license information, there are three types:

    • Demo (Limited time)

    • Subscription (Yearly)

    • Product (No limits)

  4. Make sure you SAVE the program file (to keep the registration valid)

Register the Product with the Registration Key

  1. From the mail, you received from us, open the attached file and copy the Registration Key

    • Make sure you copy all the Registration Key, click the mouse in the line above the registration key, and drag it to the line below.
  2. Select the {Register} Sheet

  3. Click the [1] Enter the Registration Code button

  4. Paste the copied Registration Key in the white box

  5. Click the OK button

  6. Click the [2] Check the Registration button

  7. Make sure you SAVE the program file (to keep the registration valid)

Setup the Program Shortcuts

The following steps will enable all the CDL-Tool-For-Excel functionalities.

  1. Open Tools\D-Engines folder
  2. Run CDL-P1-Engine-Paths-Builder-v01a.xlsm file
  3. Select {ToDo} sheet
  4. Click the [1] Select Folder button
    • Select the project folder (or navigate to CDL-Products\Projects\CDL-VRT-2023 folder
    • Click the OK button
  5. Click the [2] List Files button
    • Add character X in cells A31 to A37
  6. Click the [3] Delete Shortcuts button
    • Click the OK button
  7. Click the [4] Select Engine Folder button
    • Select the Tools\D-Engine folder (or navigate to CDL-Products\Tools\D-Engine folder
    • Click the OK button
  8. Click the [5] Build Shortcuts button
    • Click the OK button
    • Click the Close button on the CDL Progress bar
  9. Save and close the program